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  • Why work with a travel agent?
    Similarly to a traditional travel agent, we can offer perks & benefits, manage your accommodations and give you further confidence about upcoming travel. Unlike traditional travel agents we handle everything virtually, the key difference being that Kopras Travel is a completely adaptable service that can serve whatever purpose you would like it to in relation to your trip including everything from restaurant reservations to excursions and the best things to see. The perks and benefits can include anything from early or late check out, personal touches upon arrival, free breakfast, discounts and spa credits. These all vary based on the property and are only accessible with a travel agent. If you aren't sure what working with Kopras Travel could look like for you, or you have any specific questions just schedule a call with me or simply reach out via email at !
  • What if I already booked or started planning?
    No worries, whether the property is one of our affiliates or not, it is possible I could still takeover and become your travel agent. Reach out and we can discuss if I can help! As far as planning, I am happy to seamlessly help pick up wherever you left off.
  • What is the planning fee?
    In short, the planning fee is completely dependent on your trip length, how much planning you want, and the amount of research that will be required for me to ensure you get the trip you envision. With that said, I am happy to schedule a call with you, so we can discuss pricing, just visit the contact page. If you simply want to book a hotel with me, there is no planning fee.
  • Can Kopras Travel book my flight?
    No, flight planning is unpredictable and could lead to you needing to call me at all hours of the night to adjust your flights often in circumstances that are out of my control with that said, Kopras Travel does not book flights. On the plus side, if you hate perusing flights for the best options and connections, I am happy to compile them for you. If you want to do this just go to my contact page and select flights, and we can schedule a call to talk locations, options and pricing.
  • I like to plan... can I still do that?
    At Kopras Travel you can be as involved or hands off as you want. If you prefer to plan it, you can either elect to plan it entirely and select one of our research options, or we can work together to plan it, compiling my ideas with yours. If this sounds appealing, you can schedule a free call with me on our contact page to discuss further details.
  • Can I stay anywhere when I work with you or does it need to be with one of your preferred partners?
    A majority of hotels worldwide offer a commission, so most of them you can and some even still offer perks for having a travel agent. This said, with our preferred partners is where more of those benefits are at play. We can schedule a call and discuss what you have in mind, and I can reach out to the property. If you wanted to utilize another one of our services, such as itinerary or trip planning, I would still be happy to help you book a hotel regardless of their commission offers.
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